MUOTD: Rocky Horror show.

I recently turned 21! for my birthday, my boyfriends parents got me and his family tickets to see Rocky Horror Show in the theatre as I am a huge fan of the movie and never been to the theater they thought it would be a perfect gift. So after much antici….pation(clever I know) the day arrived. Having never been to the theater I wasn’t too sure what to wear, or how to make myself look. So I went for the classic red lips and winged eyeliner but made a little more dramatic with a touch of gold glitter eyelier and some light brown eyeshadow. After all we were going to see rocky horror so a little bit of glitter wasn’t going to do any harm.


Shop dixi. 

Today I got my first ever Dixi package and even though it was only a few small things I treated myself to from their sales, I absolutely love them! I also never buy gold jewellery so this was a bit of a risk for me, they are perfect.

I got a brand new gold nose ring and some fake septum piercings to try, at first I was a little worries as my nose is pierced quite far back so I usually need quite a large nose ring, so I emailed them and they were so helpful but after playing around with it a little I managed to stretch it enough to fit into my nose, which is a huge deal as I usually have to buy a few before I find one that fits! I messaged them to let them know I had sorted it and they were so lovely!

The prices for their jewellery are so great and if I do say so way too cheap for such beautiful items! I am definitely going to be spending my christmas money on some more of their pieces, not to mention birthday money!

An all around success and I definitely want to order more from them! Delivery was free and super fast also. Plus how cute is their packaging!!! I need more asap!!!  here is there site for any of you that want to check it out…. Shop Dixi.  I know you wont be disappointed.