12742759_969069766463361_9208991299552763299_nSo, I spent today experimenting with embroidery over the top of my self portraits. The portraits are printed on 6×4 Photo paper which gives them a rather glossy, stiff finish. Piercing the photo paper with the needle and thread was a sort of therapy in itself as it created a sense of fragility within to a finished and structured piece. I want to experiment with colours and textures more. I also think it would look a lot more effective if the thread wasn’t as neat, almost ragged looking and more expressive. Which overall is the effect I am trying to create for my finished piece.


my new store.

So I have opened up a BigCartel (click to go to site) so far I only have two prints up for sale that are up for a reduced price at the moment. It would be great if you guys could at least check it out, any orders will get an extra little sketch from me to say thankyou to spread the christmas cheer! It would mean a lot for your support! xo