Uni Project.

Just a sneak peek into my latest artwork for my university course Final degree show as I am now in my final year of the Fine Art course. Any feedback would be great, thankyou. xo


Short and stumpy.

Although there are a lot of things about myself that I am unhappy with I have serious confidence issues when it comes to my short and stumpy legs. Even when I was in school and did every sport I could possibly take part in I still hated them. I used to sit and stare at my huge thighs and feel so ugly. However I don’t want to waste my life hating myself anymore and after recently getting a wonderfully designed leg tattoo I am slowly starting to change the way I feel about my legs. For the first time in years I am comfortable in leaving the house with a dress on and not have to worry about wearing tights, I bought a gorgeous pair of floral 3/4 trousers that show off my tattoo instead of living in skinny jeans. I am slowly making a change to the way I think and it’s making me feel so much better about life. NOBODY CARES! So stop worrying about what they think of you! 

Love yourself. 

Yes Please

As some of you may have grasped from the title and header of this blog, Amy Poehler has become a huge inspiration of mine recently, her sassy personality and no fucks given attitude has helped me to realise that it just doesn’t matter what other people think of you! If you are a good person then that is all that people should care about, not what you look like or what new style you have tried with your hair. It just doesn’t matter.

I have always had this issue with myself caring to much about what I look like and always being paranoid that everyone around me is either talking about how stupid I look or even just thinking it. The one thing that being in university has taught me is that everyone feels like this, everyone around you are too busy thinking of this to care about what you look like. Life is too short. One day you will wake up and realise why the hell did I waste so much of my life hating myself when I could have been worrying about more important things SUCH AS LIVING MY LIFE!

I have come to the conclusion that Amy Poehler is queen and anyone who thinks otherwise psssht well you suck! (just kiddin, but no srsly she is!)