Short and stumpy.

Although there are a lot of things about myself that I am unhappy with I have serious confidence issues when it comes to my short and stumpy legs. Even when I was in school and did every sport I could possibly take part in I still hated them. I used to sit and stare at my huge thighs and feel so ugly. However I don’t want to waste my life hating myself anymore and after recently getting a wonderfully designed leg tattoo I am slowly starting to change the way I feel about my legs. For the first time in years I am comfortable in leaving the house with a dress on and not have to worry about wearing tights, I bought a gorgeous pair of floral 3/4 trousers that show off my tattoo instead of living in skinny jeans. I am slowly making a change to the way I think and it’s making me feel so much better about life. NOBODY CARES! So stop worrying about what they think of you! 

Love yourself.