Valentines day post.

Valentines day is just an excuse to get all soppy, eat lots of chocolate and have sex¬† a nice romantic meal. Chester and I aren’t really the type to celebrate valentines day, in fact, previous years have resulted in him buying me malteasers and then eating them himself.

This year, although we had planned we weren’t even going to celebrate valentines day Chester decided to buy me something which meant I had to run out and find some last minute gifts for him too. Also, Chester is a child when it comes to surprises so he gave me my gifts the night before. However, I loved them obviously, in true Chester style, they were randomly perfect. First of all the card…he hadn’t realised until he had sealed the envelope(I dont understand how this works…) it was in fact an easter card. But it was perfect non the less. The gifts were lovely, a bag from primark I had my eyes on for a while, rather expensive considering it was from primark, and some adorable lotus candle holders from tiger, like I said we aren’t really into the soppy crap so flowers are a no. I got him some malteasers to mix things up a little and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Today, being valentines day(the actual day) we decided to take a nice little drive as it was a beautiful day and then head home to play GTA 5 for a few hours, then followed by Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burgers (vegetarian for me) and a snuggle with The Martian on dvd.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their valentines day, even if you are alone. Have a nice relaxing sunday everyone.

xo Jayde




We’re gonna need more teeth.

After watching the much anticipated Jurassic world with my boyfriend we were on a dinosaur hype! Such a well put together movie with a great cast and a good use of humour at the right moments. I absolutely adore the jurrasic park movies and this one didn’t fail me. A few days after watching the movie I took a trip to town and had decided I wanted to find some little fun activities for me and my partner to give us something to do in the evenings. Well I took a chance on some small excavation kits I had found in Tiger and I was not disappointed! They were awesome. It turned out to be so much fun and so very satisfying to sit there for a while digging and brushing away at the clay block to reveal the most adorable little dinosaur toy. I know this sounds like something you’d buy children (and it is!) but who says you have to grow up, it was something small to pass the time which turned out to be a lot more amusing than I originally thought. Plus you get a cool little dinosaur at the end of it all. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking for something cute to amuse them for an evening as there are different types to collect. We had so much fun!