Valentines day post.

Valentines day is just an excuse to get all soppy, eat lots of chocolate and have sex  a nice romantic meal. Chester and I aren’t really the type to celebrate valentines day, in fact, previous years have resulted in him buying me malteasers and then eating them himself.

This year, although we had planned we weren’t even going to celebrate valentines day Chester decided to buy me something which meant I had to run out and find some last minute gifts for him too. Also, Chester is a child when it comes to surprises so he gave me my gifts the night before. However, I loved them obviously, in true Chester style, they were randomly perfect. First of all the card…he hadn’t realised until he had sealed the envelope(I dont understand how this works…) it was in fact an easter card. But it was perfect non the less. The gifts were lovely, a bag from primark I had my eyes on for a while, rather expensive considering it was from primark, and some adorable lotus candle holders from tiger, like I said we aren’t really into the soppy crap so flowers are a no. I got him some malteasers to mix things up a little and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Today, being valentines day(the actual day) we decided to take a nice little drive as it was a beautiful day and then head home to play GTA 5 for a few hours, then followed by Gourmet Burger Kitchen Burgers (vegetarian for me) and a snuggle with The Martian on dvd.

I hope everyone else is enjoying their valentines day, even if you are alone. Have a nice relaxing sunday everyone.

xo Jayde




New year. New MEals.

So its a week into the new year and so far I have eaten as little meat as possible, I have been swapping meat for a vegetarian option when possible, also I was given an amazing spiralizer for Christmas which I have been using to swap spaghetti for spiralized vegetables with vegetarian bolognese sauce. I am feeling so good, I am less bloated, and I just feel so much better in myself. I would definitely recommend this ‘diet’ change for people who want to make a positive change in their lives this year, its not as hard as it sounds, and its super tasty. Ive also started making my own soups and I will be putting up recipes soon. I want to try at least one new meal a week and upload the recipe for you guys! I hope you enjoy this new journey with me.






I like you & I love you. 

It’s rare that you are lucky enough to fall madly in love with someone who isn’t only your partner but also your best friend, someone you get along with so well they make you a better person. I don’t tend to post soppy personal posts on social media but if I’m blogging about the wonderful things in life then this man is definitely right up there with movies and puppies. 

This is more a post about general relationships than about mine. Find someone who makes you laugh from the bottom of your belly, Who you can tickle until they cry, who you can wrestle until someone gets hurt and then you laugh about the fact that one of you got hurt and wrestle some more. Go out on adventures, eat at cool, hipster restaurants and don’t be afraid to be messy when you eat. Find someone who you can be the truest form of yourself around. Honesty is the best policy, if your mad let them know building up feelings will only end up in arguments, just be happy. I know it’s not easy to stay happy every moment of every day but find someone who will do their best to make you smile. We accept the love we think we deserve and everyone deserves the most amazing love they can get.