12742759_969069766463361_9208991299552763299_nSo, I spent today experimenting with embroidery over the top of my self portraits. The portraits are printed on 6×4 Photo paper which gives them a rather glossy, stiff finish. Piercing the photo paper with the needle and thread was a sort of therapy in itself as it created a sense of fragility within to a finished and structured piece. I want to experiment with colours and textures more. I also think it would look a lot more effective if the thread wasn’t as neat, almost ragged looking and more expressive. Which overall is the effect I am trying to create for my finished piece.


New Hair update!


Hair : Bleach London

Makeup: Maybelline

Jumper: Topshop

Uni Project.

Just a sneak peek into my latest artwork for my university course Final degree show as I am now in my final year of the Fine Art course. Any feedback would be great, thankyou. xo

My love for cooking.

I get this huge sense of accomplishment when I cook a great meal for someone. I find it hard to be confident in anything I do and yet seeing someone’s face light up when they take a bite of something I have cooked makes me so happy. It has always been a dream of mine to open up a small cafe and serve cute meals and cakes, fancy teas and coffees and have the whole place decorated in contemporary pieces of art. Who knows maybe sometime in the future I may end up there, but for now I will just have to get all my enjoyment out of cooking for my famliy and friends. p.s. this was a damn good cooked dinner if I do say so myself. xo 

I like you & I love you. 

It’s rare that you are lucky enough to fall madly in love with someone who isn’t only your partner but also your best friend, someone you get along with so well they make you a better person. I don’t tend to post soppy personal posts on social media but if I’m blogging about the wonderful things in life then this man is definitely right up there with movies and puppies. 

This is more a post about general relationships than about mine. Find someone who makes you laugh from the bottom of your belly, Who you can tickle until they cry, who you can wrestle until someone gets hurt and then you laugh about the fact that one of you got hurt and wrestle some more. Go out on adventures, eat at cool, hipster restaurants and don’t be afraid to be messy when you eat. Find someone who you can be the truest form of yourself around. Honesty is the best policy, if your mad let them know building up feelings will only end up in arguments, just be happy. I know it’s not easy to stay happy every moment of every day but find someone who will do their best to make you smile. We accept the love we think we deserve and everyone deserves the most amazing love they can get.

Hello, Is it me you’re looking for?

Hi there, my name is Jayde and I wanted to start this little blog as an outlet to share some of the more positive things in my life, things I love, new things I have tried out and things that make me smile. I want to make people smile. Inspire people to try new things, and crawl out of my comfort zone to try things I wouldn’t usually be confident enough to try. I want to make a change in my life for the better. Life is too short and there are just way too many opportunities to make life more exciting.