New Hair update!


Hair : Bleach London

Makeup: Maybelline

Jumper: Topshop


Bleach London: beach lights and rose shampoo review. 

 Hey guys! So yesterday I decided I wanted to something different with my hair! Therefore I picked up some bleach London products from boots. I decided I wanted to bleach my hair a lot more and then  add a sort of washed out pink to it, and oh my glob. The bleach kit was one of the easiest kits I have used! It came with a wide comb that made it super easy to brush through the hair and it took straight away! I am so happy with how blonde it is after leaving it on for 35 minutes. After I had washed the bleach out I gave it a rinse with the rose shampoo and although I didn’t leave it on long enough it still added some pink tones to my hair. Next time I wash it I’m going to leave it on a little longer so as to add a bit more vibrancy to the colour. But overall I am super happy with the results!! And feeling great about my hair. Thanks Bleach London! Xo 


Shop dixi. 

Today I got my first ever Dixi package and even though it was only a few small things I treated myself to from their sales, I absolutely love them! I also never buy gold jewellery so this was a bit of a risk for me, they are perfect.

I got a brand new gold nose ring and some fake septum piercings to try, at first I was a little worries as my nose is pierced quite far back so I usually need quite a large nose ring, so I emailed them and they were so helpful but after playing around with it a little I managed to stretch it enough to fit into my nose, which is a huge deal as I usually have to buy a few before I find one that fits! I messaged them to let them know I had sorted it and they were so lovely!

The prices for their jewellery are so great and if I do say so way too cheap for such beautiful items! I am definitely going to be spending my christmas money on some more of their pieces, not to mention birthday money!

An all around success and I definitely want to order more from them! Delivery was free and super fast also. Plus how cute is their packaging!!! I need more asap!!!  here is there site for any of you that want to check it out…. Shop Dixi.  I know you wont be disappointed.

Lush Treats. 

Took some of my old tubs back to Lush today and got my favourite face mask Catastrophe Cosmestic. It does absolute wonders for my skin and I’m so happy to have a fresh stock of it! Also I was a little naughty and picked up some other little treats for myself all where recommended by the lovely lady that helped me today. Lush will always be my favourite place to shop. Can’t wait to update you all in bath time with these bad boys!  

I try to be good to my skin as much as possible, I’ve never been one to use harsh chemicals or even soap! I have always been complimented on my skin and when people ask me what my daily routine is my reply is always nothing. The only thing I do on a daily basis is take my makeup off with a face wipe! Too many scrubs and moisturisers just make it worse in my opinion. However who doesn’t love a good face mask when they are trying to relax!? The best thing about lush is that even if you do use more of their moisturisers or face scrubs their is nothing in them that will do more harm than good. A favourite of mine for when I occasionally do get break outs is the Herbalism cleanser, not only does is gently exfoliate the skin in a way that shows immediate results but the green tint instantly reduces the redness of spots so you’re skin looks incredible from first use. I would 10000% recommend to anyone and everyone.   

We’re gonna need more teeth.

After watching the much anticipated Jurassic world with my boyfriend we were on a dinosaur hype! Such a well put together movie with a great cast and a good use of humour at the right moments. I absolutely adore the jurrasic park movies and this one didn’t fail me. A few days after watching the movie I took a trip to town and had decided I wanted to find some little fun activities for me and my partner to give us something to do in the evenings. Well I took a chance on some small excavation kits I had found in Tiger and I was not disappointed! They were awesome. It turned out to be so much fun and so very satisfying to sit there for a while digging and brushing away at the clay block to reveal the most adorable little dinosaur toy. I know this sounds like something you’d buy children (and it is!) but who says you have to grow up, it was something small to pass the time which turned out to be a lot more amusing than I originally thought. Plus you get a cool little dinosaur at the end of it all. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s looking for something cute to amuse them for an evening as there are different types to collect. We had so much fun!